Whether it's enjoying their favourite snack, having a refreshing drink or using everyday household products, consumers come into contact with packaging every day. Packaging not only protects the product that it holds but also enhances the way we use it. The truth is that packaging is not just packaging - it is the first line of communication between the customer and your product on the store shelf. It communicates many things, from what the product can do for your customers to your company’s values, and it is a crucial marketing tool for your business. As a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging for a wide range of applications and markets, Richflex has the solution for you.

Richflex is an end-to-end flexible packaging solution service provider, serving as a one stop for all your packaging needs. We have a roto gravure printing press as well as solvent-free and solvent-based lamination option offering both single and double sided lamination. Richflex also has preformed pouch bagging facilities, with three side seal, centre seal and centre seal with side gusset options. Established in 2012, Richflex is fast becoming a major player in the flexible packaging market. All our products are manufactured at our factory in Pretoria using world class equipment. We are well positioned to connect with customers in South Africa and abroad to supply cutting-edge packaging. We work closely with our raw material and equipment suppliers to ensure that we always have the latest technology and the best material for optimal production efficiency.

What sets us apart?

  • Customer-centricity, focusing on customer relationships and services beyond the supply of products
  • R&D Capability, supporting initial development of the packaging concept, correct film selection and on site production, followed by customer support
  • Quality Control, ensuring that we meet the high standards of our customers and consistently supply quality and visually appealing flexible packaging, adding value to the end product
  • R&D and production lead times aligned to customer lead times, competitive pricing, giving our customers an edge in the market
  • We have highly skilled machine minders, an experienced technical team and a state-of-the-art production site

Core activities

  • Development of flexible packaging solutions, in collaboration with suppliers and customers
  • Production of high quality films, offering full colour printing, laminating and finishing of films
  • On-site technical support for our customers
  • Pre-formed pouch forming capabilities.

Production Capabilities


We use the latest technological advancements in printing, inks, cylinders and pre-press in the flexible packaging industry and offer collaborative package design and high-definition print options. Our high speed gravure printing machines can print upto 8 colours and maintain colour consistency through advanced control systems.


Our state-of-the-art lamination equipment and technology provides either solvent - based or solventless laminations to improve product performance and enhance graphics.


We offer products in a wide range of sizes, and the roll width, weight and outer diameter are produced as per customer specifications. This is made possible by using high - end slitting machines with laser controlled edge guides, ensuring a good quality roll finish.

Pouch Making Machine

We have a centre seal and 3-side seal pouch making machine with the following capabilities:

Our pouch making machine has the following optional attachments:

  • Pneumatic Handle Punch
  • Pneumatic Euro Punch
  • Pneumatic Hole Punch
  • Pneumatic V Notch

Customer Service

Customer Focus

Working with Richflex is more than a business relationship - it's a partnership. We work together from conceptualizing and development of your unique packaging to production, quality control and delivery. Our well trained marketing and technical teams ensure that our customers get professional service as well as quick and effective feedback throughout the process. We pride ourselves on delivering the right product, at the right price, at the highest quality within the shortest possible lead time.

Research & Development

Richflex creates and develops new packaging designs on a continuous basis. Existing products can also be tweaked while retaining its original character. In the R&D process we continuously engage with our customers, graphic designers and suppliers to ensure that the product design and material selection is fit for use.
Bottom line: our expertise and service levels ensure the best value proposition for your brand.